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The Holga Experiment


I can see why the Holga became what it did in the 1980s. I can also understand why recently, with so much technology crammed into phones and small cameras, some have wanted the simplicity of a toy camera. Having said that, and as unfashionable as it may sound, I would rather use apps to achieve these and better results. Film photography is a world I respect, and using a roll of film (unless you buy expired ones) in a toy camera like this one is, in my opinion, a waste.


I wrote the opening paragraph as soon as I collected my prints from the developers.  Two days later I changed my mind.  It’s the light leak on the top photo that made me fall in love with it. Accidental creativity.


For a very basic piece of equipment, the capability is there.  Shots taken indoors were reasonable, and double exposures (though not clear at first look) were fun to try.  I take back what I said about wasting film using these cameras.  Perhaps expired film will address this, in both not being wasteful, and in adding to the creativity.

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