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Hipstamatic 300


This was probably my favourite shot using Hipstamatic (jane lens and uchitel film).  It produced a beautiful and timeless image of the Eiffel Tower on a wet July afternoon.  I haven’t used the app much since upgrading my phone and slowly forgot about it, which is a real surprise since it was my source of creativity when I stopped carrying my camera with me everywhere.

Earlier this evening, I received an announcement email from them mentioning their new update.  I’m intrigued because it offers the same flexibility with lens and film choces, with the bonus of adjusting images after they’re taken.  Whilst the latter being limited was a perfectly-acceptable challenge, I do like the choice this update will offer.  Images will also sync natively with iOS photo library which is another plus.  I’ve downloaded it and will be putting it to the test sometime soon.

Link: Hipstamatic 300

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