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Disney California Adventure

It took us a few years to manage the timing to work.  A few years ago the children were too young (or too short I should say) to enjoy all the rides.  With school terms, work, Ramadan and availability of flights and accommodation, we finally got our chance in the summer.  It became even more special when we found out that close friends of ours were also planning to go, and it all worked out perfectly.

I can’t think of anything to write here about our experience that would add to anyone’s knowledge – so I won’t.  Many of us have grown up with Disney characters and we’ve seen their magic on the screens, in toys, and stories and photos of Disneyland visits from family and friends.  We too had a wonderful time.

The attention to every detail, the can-do attitude of the staff, the settings of the characters, the variety of the rides, the quality of the shows, the ability of the artists, and the amount of quality time one can have with his children, are all packaged together into a week (more than enough) that is full of magic.  I was very pleased to have waited and not to have settled for a ‘closer’ Disneyland resort – I highly doubt the experience would have been equal.

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